Photo Gallery of the Little Billy Trailer

By Bob Waring



  • Little Billy Trailer
    • Accredited with the RTA • Registration in all states except Tasmania • Swing Over Adjustable Jockey Wheel • Electric Brakes (Optional Extra) • Wired with Lights and Plug for Towed Vehicles • Ease of Towing • Delivery anywhere in Australia (can Flat pack) • Small, light & convenient • No frightening tail sway • Low registration costs
  • Small RV Photos
    These photo's show a toyota set up on its campsite, showing that even a small RV can make full use of LB and allows the same freedom as the bigger RV.
  • Ally Trailer
    This small ally trailer is light rain fast and a great trailer for carrying all the extras you need in a van whether it be for travelling around in a van or tenting around. It keeps everything clean, dry and ......
  • Little Billy is born
    Why I decided to build the ‘Little Billy Trailer’ In designing and manufacturing of the ‘Little Billy Trailer’ the following points were on my mind. 1. Which age group was the ‘Little Billy Trailer’ built to cater for? My thoughts were for the needs of the customer which had a major impact of the design of the trailer. 2. How the trailer was to be handled and specifically who was going to move it around


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