Little Billy is born

By Rob Waring

little billy trailer behind a small RV



Why I decided to build the ‘Little Billy Trailer’    


In designing and manufacturing of the ‘Little Billy Trailer’ the following points were on my mind. 

1.      Which age group was the ‘Little Billy Trailer’ built to cater for? My thoughts were for the needs of the customer which had a major impact of the design of the trailer.  

2.      How the trailer was to be handled and specifically who was going to move it around  


This led me to the following 5 directions  


1)     Weight of the unit  

·         I wanted to keep it light so any baby boomer could move it around be they be male or female. 

2)     Strength and safety of the unit 

·         I wanted to produce a very strong and safe unit for the end user. 

3)     Simplicity of design and use 

·         From my experience as a machinery fabricator I have found that the best products are those that are simple to make and simple to design once I know what the end use is for the product. 

4)     When not in use where to store the unit 

·         So when the ‘Little Billy Trailer’ was not in use I wanted something that was easy to store, when not in use.  ‘Little Billy Trailer’ when not in use can be ‘flat packed’ and transported around Australia to the customer or stored on the floor of most RV’s when not being towed. Also when fully assembled it can tuck under the back of the owners RV when in camp, not sticking out and not creating a danger to pedestrians who might walk around the back of the RV.  

5)     To maintain economy of the vehicle towing the trailer 

·         To help maintain economy for the towing RV the ‘Little Billy Trailer’ had to be light yet strong when needed. If the ‘Little Billy Trailer’ is towed empty it will not affect the economy of the towing vehicle. Depending on the weight of the vehicle on ‘Little Billy Trailer’ your economy of your RV will vary.  



little billy trailer with ramps down

little billy trailer with ramps down



little billy trailer with ramps up


little billy trailer with ramps folded up