Motor Home Trailers


A “Little Billy Trailer”, from  making life easier for the grey nomads.


The little billy trailer is suitable for towing by a small RV


We Deliver Australia Wide 


  Why buy the “Little Billy Trailer” ? 


We believe is the lightest and most compact trailer to tow behind your motor home.    


1.      The ease of loading and unloading security of your vehicle to the trailer so quick and easy, yet so strong.      

2.      Low centre of gravity which leads to the trailer being so stable.   Being wider allows more vision in the mirrors when travelling and on the round-a-bouts.     

3.      The tracking of the trailer to the mobile home lends itself to such an effortless tow.    

4.      The trailer when loaded is so well balanced, it puts sufficient down tow bar weight to your motor home, yet not too much so as to  overload and drag on the RV giving a comfortable and safe ride.   

5.      When not in use on your trip, the trailer is so compact it can be stored under the back of your RV once unhitched.  

6.      More access to smaller parks and camping areas.  

7.      The weight of the little Billy makes it so easy to maneuver around by hand if needed for storage.   

8.      Fuel usage of the RV vehicle remains economical due to the efficient towing action of the trailer.